Lynk & Co – Sharing



This is one of the first vehicles built with sharing in mind. You can create digital locks that let specific people drive the car for a set amount of time. While you can run a car-sharing business if you like, Lynk & Co sees this more as a way of reducing the need for every family to have their own ride. You could share your car with others in your apartment building, or let a friend borrow it without having to give them a set of physical keys they could lose.

I was a part of the team who designed this experience. From the first interaction built into the car, to the app working in your phone.









A redesign of Tingstad e-commerce, with the purpose to help with their new visual identity, and communication strategy. Allowing their customers to have a digital experience where they can create and complete orders, from either mobile or desktop.

The goal was to create a straightforward web that inspires people to explore more of their total range of products, while making it a lot faster then before.

“It’s like I’ve said before, the best HTML/JS delivery we’ve ever had and I think the result looks great.”

– Stefan Winterlén, CEO – 3bits.


When the swedish gaming company, Svenska Spel, decides to communicate that they are giving away money from loosing tickets to charity, it can look something like this. Their very well known slogan, “Suddenly it happens”, gets a twist when you see that it “Suddenly happens, to someone else”.



Miles & Bond


Not a day goes by without music, films or series in my life. Miles Davis… A true smooth savior of the night. I don’t really know why I painted George Lazenby. It’s not like he’s the most popular Bond. But it’s something about him. That classic jazzy looks. 

Either way, I try not to overthink it. Sometimes it’s just nice to head over to the drawing table and create something new in the middle of different client projects.


What would design be without great looking content? When starting up a new project, there’s not always content to quickly get going. Therefore, I constantly try to have my own collection updated with new and inspiring images. I call it “Grafism – A world of graphic impressions“. It’s basically reposts of great stuff I find on the web. I hope you’ll find something you can use to make your work look even better.



A concept for enthusiastic readers without smart phones in low light conditions. Dumb technology in a smart new way.




Led lights built into a neoprene thumb wearable with an internal activation button. Just push the thumb against any surface and let there be light.