My name is Kristian Gonzalez. I’m an art director at Stendahls, an advertising agency in Gothenburg of Sweden. I think that creative freedom and great design enhances the brand experience and can lead to something beautiful when collaborating with great people.


Webdesign, content and project management

Many of us feel unsuccessful because of social media. A survey we conducted among young people shows that almost 50% feel pressured to show off a perfect life in their social feeds. We wanted to change this with the #MissLyckad initiative by broadening the ideal of social media.

My roll in the project was to create a visual tone of voice for the campaign website and its content. Also working seamlessly with the development team as a product manager. 


Concept & app design

I wanted to explore new ways of sharing music. So by using the Spotify API, me and a group of developers made it possible for people to share music at their current location. This way, others can find new music when passing through. What about finding a new band on your vaation or falling in love with a song you’ve never heard on your morning commute.

Think about being the first one to get access to a playlist just by being at the right place at the right time. That’s why we created Dropatune. Because music is made to be shared!

Lynk & Co

Brand concept & App design

This is one of the first vehicles built with sharing in mind. You can create digital locks that let specific people drive the car for a set amount of time. While you can run a car-sharing business if you like, Lynk & Co sees this more as a way of reducing the need for every family to have their own ride. You could share your car with others in your apartment building, or let a friend borrow it without having to give them a set of physical keys they could lose. 

I was a part of the team who designed this experience. From the first interaction built into the car, to the app working in your phone.

Cliff Monkeys

Photography & Storytelling

A side project where I focus on documenting climbers from Sweden and sharing their experiences and favorite spots around the world. Follow the journey on Instagram.

I’ve always been intrigued by mountains. Whenever I travel in mountainous areas I always look for a possible ski line or imagine how it would be to scramble or climb up a certain wall. I used to rock climb back in the day. Occasionally I do some bouldering for strength and agility training. My big passion at the moment is skiing and ski touring with some occasional mountaineering to get to the good stuff. Nowadays it’s all about the descent.

Christoffer Nordin

Art Director, POW


Brand concept, E-commerce & Web design

A redesign of Tingstad e-commerce, with the purpose to help with their new visual identity, and communication strategy. Allowing their customers to have a digital experience where they can create and complete orders, from either mobile or desktop. The goal was to create a straightforward web that inspires people to explore more of their total range of products, while making it a lot faster then before.

It’s like I’ve said before, the best HTML/JS delivery we’ve ever had and I think the result looks great.

Stefan Winterlén

CEO, 3bits


App design

Every day, kids and young people are being bullied via mobile phones, tablets and computers. With insults that hurt and, in the worst cases, lead to alienation and psychological distress.

Meet Fulfiltret (The Nasty Filter), an app that uses the keyboard to filter out nasty and mean Swedish words and replace them with kind words. Swear words, name-calling and taunts are turned into compliments, kindness and happiness. The second a mean message is created, a nice one is sent instead.

– Gold in Guldnyckeln

Göteborg & Co

Concept & Web design

We launched the first version of the official city guide for Gothenburg, with an entirely new structure and design. My main areas in the project has been the early stages of concept and look & feel, campaign themes, user profile pages and the new event calendar. The purpose with the new goteborg.com is to get more people to experience Gothenburg and make the range of the city available for all, no matter who you are or where you are.

– Gold in Swedish Publishing Prize 2015

– Nominated in the Swedish Design Awards 2015

– Nominated for Grand Travel Awards


Photoshoot & Web design

Me and two friend took it upon ourselves to support Fjällsport, a local business in Gothenburg, by helping them update their website. Especially fun when it’s about stuff we really love. 

Visiting Fjällsport is like visiting an old friend. They’ll always greet you with a big smile and ask you if you want some coffee, while you sink your teeth into some of the classic outdoor literature available in the store. Great products combined with great stories of past adventures, and good folk, ranks this a place among the top players in Sweden. Visit them if you’re in Gothenburg!

We wanted to make it very clear what the brand is all about, stripping it down to it’s core. A better display for both products and story driven content.

We think the traditional store is dead. Instead we try to provide a place for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to meet, socialize, talk to our knowledgeable staff and of course, find the best gear available. We also think that we have a responsebility to create awareness and being a part of a more sustainable future.

Patrik SVensson

CEO, Fjällsport


Concepts & design

Every creation deserves the space of a square. I try to use Instagram for smaller projects and ideas not necessarily related to ongoing client projects. Just for the freedom to create what ever is on my mind at the moment. Please follow my Instagram to stay updated with my most recent stuff.


Web design

A redesign of Wallenstam’s website which brings their extensive portfolio into focus. The site showcases their latest projects, apartments and commercial properties. 

Wallenstam have now been awarded Best IR Website 2014 amongst companies noted on the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap list. Wallenstam scored the highest number of points of all 146 companies that were reviewed, with 26 points out of 33. The jury based their decision on the new website’s content and design.

– Nominated in the Swedish Design Awards 2015

– Wallenstam wins Best IR Website



E-commerce & web design

For a long time the collaboration between Runelandhs & Stendahls has been a real success story. Their old site was also designed and built by our team about 5 years ago. When we now got the chance to update their e-commerce site, me and my team created a new design to fit the requirements for a fast and responsive web.

– Best Swedish E-commerce ( Web Service Award)



Campaign concept & app design

Gothenburg’s Lucia is a contest where people vote for their favorite person to be crowned the city’s Lucia. But, for the 2013 edition of this tradition, we felt that a change was needed. What Lucia has been over the years isn’t really what we thought reflected today’s society. We wanted the contest to be more inclusive, and felt that a way of achieving this was to move away from beauty ideals. So we made a quite radical change. Everything about looks was completely removed. Instead of portraits, voice samples were recorded through an app.

– Gold for best mass media campaign – Spinn

– 1st place in Resumés – Monthly Digital

– Nominated for best digital campaign – Spinn

– Nominated for best non-profit campaign – Spinn

– Nominated for Guldägget


Jotun – Lady Pure Colors

PR & package design

The experience of colour doesn’t stop at the visual. It inspires all the senses. That was the instinct that made us hire the head pastry chef at NK Konditori, and grand-prize winner in the Food Olympiad, Stefan Johnson-Petersén, and let him translate and interpret the fall colours of Lady Pure Colour. The result? A unique taste series of macaroons.



Brand identity

Logo for business card, photo shoot and web made for Carolina Aagaard.



UX & web design

With Prepaird my job was to create a new visual identity for a first implementation of their front-end. They provide a cloud-based HR solution for recruitment, talent management, performance management and resource management.