With passion for the visual expression and the idea behind it.

Hey there, I'm an Art director based in Sweden. I've worked at Stendahls, in Gothenburg, since 2013 with communication concepts, brand identity and service design.


Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Monki, Lynk & Co, Boston Consulting Group/Digital Ventures, UD Trucks, Husqvarna, Stena Recycling, Harman Kardon, Länsförsäkringar, Avinode Group, Göteborg & Co, Göteborg Energi, Göteborgs-Posten, Göteborgs Symfoniker, Hasselblad Center, Göteborgs Lucia, Prepaird, Tingstad, Runelandhs & Dallas Sthlm.


Areas of expertise


Customer relations

Team is everything and it starts with a good relationship. I love to seize opportunities, challenge the given and provide a holistic view to my clients and co-workers. I strive for close collaboration with a lot of positive energy.


Creative concepts

Great ideas are always best shared with the rest of the world, whether it is through a social media campaign, a global event or a new service.


Brand identity

Are you looking for a completly new brand identity or just refining the current one? I love visual communication and the possibilities it creates for my clients.


UI design & prototyping

Working close with people of different skill sets is my favourite part of the job. It's all about understanding, planning and adapting from day one. From early wireframes, to prototyping and finally launching a great product.

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